Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Skiing at Ohau

Our Class trip to Ohau skifield was a great success. We had several students try snowboarding for the first time and they were carving it up by the end of the day. The beginning skiers had pretty much mastered the pizza and managed to turn by the close of play and our more accomplished skiers had managed several runs down the Boulevard. It was great to see those with more experience helping and encouraging those who are just starting out. Zak and Mackenzie showed us some boarding skills and I managed not to injure myself despite doing the splits! Many thanks to those parents who gave up a day to help with transport, coaching and support at the lodge.
We have been working on movies using Windows MovieMaker, adding video and still pictures, transitions and some video effects. We also added our snow poems which we were very proud of.



  1. Claire LawrenceSeptember 20, 2011

    Cool video. I love the rainbow colours. :-)

  2. i like all the videos they are cool


  3. Ava DavidsonSeptember 23, 2011

    I like making movies.