Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cross Country at Omarama

Children from the Waitaki Valley and the Mackenzie Basin met at Omarama on Friday for the annual cross country race. We were in age groups and the older kids had to run 2Km and even up a hill. We had to go around the yellow flags and down a chute to the finish.
"It was tiring but fun." said Laelani.
We had a little snack after the race then we went to Omarama School.
"The delicious sausages were yummy!" explained Sam and Caleb.
Thank you to Omarama School staff for organising this.


  1. I had fun at cross country at Omarama.
    It was tiring.

  2. Ryan`s Mum SharonSeptember 23, 2011

    wow Room 13 all the training you guys did payed off as your class did so well.
    I loved the way you all cheered on your class mates, I think it makes you run faster when you hear people yelling out your name.

  3. You all ran really fast!!!Go Twizel, the T-shirts looked so smart