Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Junior Drama Festival

We had a great dress rehearsal today for our junior drama festival. We are keen to share our great characters, awesome acting and expressive voices with you. We hope you can come.

What?: Junior Drama Festival
Where?: Twizel Events Centre
When?: Friday 14th September 1.30 prompt start.
Room 7 - Going on a bear hunt.
Room 13 - Harriet Potter and the Magic Ball of Oomble Dumble
Room 4 - The history of the Olympics
Room 5 - Maui changes shape.
How much?: Gold coin donation please.

Defend the cone

 We learnt a new game over the last couple of weeks in PE. It is called "Defend the cone" Mr A gave us the aim of the game and some rules to start with. We had to play the game and improve it. We came up with rules for gameplay and tactics to make it more fun and fairer. Well done Room 13 , some great sportspeople who know how to play fair!

Olympics Inquiry

We wrapped our Olympics inquiry up last week with a  "Told us, made us wonder review" We shared our information with each other and had to have a good look at each others research. We recorded one new fact  that we had learned and a question this made us ask. We then had some time to try and answer the best questions and improve our slideshow. Have a look at our slideshow below.


Cross Country practice

We have been practicing hard for the Waitaki Schools cross country races at Omarama soon. We have been building our stamina running around the field and the juniors went down to the river walkway to practice running on rougher ground with some hills too.

What time is it?

We have been learning to tell the time. Everyone should be able to tell, o'clock, half past, quarter to and past. Some people can tell the time to 5 minute intervals and others can even use digital time too.
So next time you need to know the time then ask us!!

We have looked at how early people used the sun to tell the time, we drew our shadows during the day. We found out that our shadow gets shorter and then longer again. We think this is because the sun appears to move in the sky. This is because the Earth is spinning. Do you know how long it takes to go around once? Ask us!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our cross country champs

Well done to Kasey and Blossom in their excellent effort at the North Otago cross country races yesterday. Both girls did us proud and represented the school very well.

Ski trip cancelled today.

***************STOP PRESS***************** Our ski trip is cancelled today due to high winds. Postponement date will be in two weeks, a note will come home to advise. ***************STOP PRESS*****************

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tubing and Ice-skating

What an awesome day out we had at Tekapo Springs. The snow and ice were melting fast so we had to bring our class tube and skate forward. Thanks to our parent helpers who shared the driving to make sure we all got there safely.

Storytime for Room 7 and 9

We have been writing adventure stories based on the native animals we researched in term 1 and 2. We had to try and base our stories on fact and make them realistic but also could also give our characters a personality. Our target audience was a younger class so we had to be careful to not make them too scary!

Frog School - Room 13 Little Theatre Company

Kowhai reading group shared one of their stories from the Junior Journals that they had been practising.
"It was a cool play because I liked all of the actions that the frogs could do." commented Tessa.

Drama rehearsals

We are busy working with Mrs Allerston on our play - Harriet Potter and the Magic of Oomble Doomble, we had to practice and do an audition for the parts, it was hard choosing as there were so many students getting into character. We had to think about the character's actions and expression. We also had to think about stage directions such as being loud and facing the audience.

We look forward to sharing our play with you on the afternoon of Friday the 17th September at the Events Centre.