Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ka Mate Haka for assembly

We have some really keen AB's fans in Room 13 so we have been finding out about the Haka that the AB's often start their matches with. This website is awesome and tells the story of Te Rauparaha and how he wrote this Haka.

Click here to visit this cool site

This Friday we are having a party for the end of a long term and also to farewell our good friends Jade and Arwen. Jade is jetting off with her family to Canada and will have to remember her bear bell and cougar hat! Arwen is off to the coast at Timaru with her family and is looking forward to swimming whatever the weather. Mrs Sweney had a little concert with them before they left to share their awesome playing with us. We then had a massive shared plate for morning tea. No-one ate much of their lunch!! Then it was onto Singstar for a sing-a-long. Mr A and mrs A were battling it out with some help, and Mrs A held onto her Singstar crown.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dance Off with Room 9

Friday's Library Day

Every Friday we get to go to the library as a class and choose some new books. We have a class set which we can change and everybody has to choose two books, one for them and one for a friend. We have to use the "5 finger rule" when choosing. Anne Marie is always ready to help us, she makes the library bright and cheerful with cool displays and chooses new books for the library. Thanks Anne Marie from Room 13.

Tessellating Shapes

Over the last few weeks we have been working on tessellating shapes. This is where a shape can be repeated and joined together or joined with another shape and it leaves no gaps. Ms Douglas lent us some great connecting shapes and we designed and made a repeating pattern ourselves in coloured paper. Such concentration and careful cutting.