Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Room 13 Little Theatre Company - The Santa Trap

Blue1 did a play about a Santa Trap.
A family of bad people who had not got christmas presents thought they were going to get good and cool presents by trapping santa.
 Think that they got good presents? Then think again.
They got spinach,broccoli,a thirty volume encyclopedia,a calculator,a room-tidying machine and ,cabbage,soap,clean socks and underwear.
One of the sister's called Sophie was nice and she got a dolly.
Arwen as Amy and Sophie Kyle as Dylan Joseph as Michael Ryan as Tania Tom as Santa.
Reporter: Tom
Pictures: Laelani


  1. Blue1 that sounds like a clever play. Congratulations to Mr A too for getting so many of you to write such interesting updates about what you've been doing. With my English teacher hat on - as well as my Dad hat - I really like the rhetorical question in this post Tom. Rhetorical questions get the reader thinking and engaging with what you are saying.

  2. Ava DavidsonSeptember 22, 2011

    That was a awesome play. Will done.:):):)

  3. It was an unusual play

  4. It was hard walk out on to the stage