Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lewis's Lizard

Last night I found a lizard under some wood on North West Arch Twizel. I called it Lucky, it is about
15 centimetres long. He has a really cool pattern, he has lots of shades of brown. His tail is fully brown, he looks camouflaged. It was really hard to catch him. I googled it, we think it is a skink. Here is a picture showing the different lizards. We looked at TeAra, the encyclopedia of New Zealand and found this chart:

Report by Lewis


  1. Cheryl - Lewis's MumSeptember 29, 2011

    Lewis enjoys studying his lizard. I am glad the glad researched him because they are such cool characters!

    We fed him some honey and sugar - does Room 13 have any other ideas for lizard food?

  2. Geckos have older and wrinkly skin it had to Be a skink because of it's black and brown skin