Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Science fair experiments.

Room13 have been doing science experiments. We used a planning sheet to tell us what to do. I did a big science experiment that had 3 experiments on it. I liked the magic balloon best.
 Kyle looked at paper plane designs. Uncle Grants went the longest distance.
Well done to everyone who entered science fair projects.
A huge thank you to the parents who helped us.


  1. Ryan`s mum SharonAugust 08, 2011

    what cool projects and experiments, lots of hard work has gone into them.
    Well done

  2. there are heaps of driffrent experiments and projects well done to all the people who did one

  3. All of them are cool

  4. Some of them went to the Mackenzie science fair in Fairlie

  5. Lots of volcano's, They are all cool projects.Well done.