Friday, June 10, 2011

Bee day

Fresh honey
Mr Sweney  came into school and showed us bee stuff. We got to stir some honey in a big container. Mr A got some honey so did Tom. Tom won the honey by telling Mr Sweney the maori name for NZ. We  saw how the bee hive stacked together. We got to hold the honey comb and it was heavy. It had a queen bee cell stuck to it. There was bits of honey cone in the honey. There was a bee flying aroud in room 6.We got to taste some honey. We stirred some honey in the big container it had bee leg and arms. Mr Sweney poured some honey into the little container.

A BIG thanks toMr Sweney for sharing.

Reporters: Lewis and India.


  1. Ryan`s mum SharonJune 15, 2011

    We are very lucky to be able to buy Bells honey in Twizel, it is the best honey and sooo yummy.

  2. Mr A got some to. but he got it FOR FREE.
    NOT FAIR I think all of R13 would agree.

  3. The honey had bee stings in it

  4. I had to say the maori name for the south island
    wictch is Te wai paunamu

  5. I Live Just Down the road from Bells Honey